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Cafés in Kangasala

Cafés in city centre: Paakari Café & Confectionery A versatile and tasty bakery where everything is homemade. A cup of…

Cafés in city centre:

Paakari Café & Confectionery

A versatile and tasty bakery where everything is homemade. A cup of hot beverage awaits from early morning until late afternoon. Delicious sandwiches and sweet pastries in the display, cakes available either on the spot or for pre-order.

Kirkkoharju Café

High-quality coffee experiences at an elevated viewpoint! Situated at Kirkkoharju’s observation tower, offering beautiful views of the ridge landscapes. The functionalist-style observation tower was completed in 1931, and the adjacent café building in 2020.

Market Square Café

The renowned market café at Kangasala Market Square. Their self-made products, including over 26 years of experience, present sweet doughnuts, buns, pastries, or savory pies throughout the year.. 

Café & Educational Restaurant Tredu

At Café-store run by students of Tredu, you can purchase fresh pastries and savory treats to enjoy on-site or take home. The restaurant Eveliina offers a diverse and tasty lunch menu. 

Nearby Cafés:

Mannakorpi Café and Linkosuo Factory Shop

Mannakorpi’s cozy shop café serves baked goods, and on weekdays, there’s also lunch available. The café operates as the Linkosuo Factory Shop.. 

Vehoniemi Alamaja Manor Café

The café offers delightful sweet and savory treats, all self-made in their own kitchen. Their menu always includes something gluten-free, dairy-free, and lactose-free options. Vehoniemi Alamaja Café is located in beautiful lakeside surroundings near Kaivanto Canal, just over a 20-minute drive from Tampere.

Nainen ja lapsi, lapsi syö munkkia Vehoniemen automuseon kahvilassa

Vehoniemi Car Museum Café

In the Vehoniemi Car Museum café, all the pastries on display, from pies to cakes, are baked fresh daily. Vehoniemi’s most famous and beloved pastries include the spoon donuts, baked according to Aunt Niininen´s 1920s recipe, and white chocolate cake.

Café Mobilia 

Café Mobilia is a cozy café and lunch restaurant themed around automobiles, located in the Mobilian Car Museum.

The café-restaurant accommodates 50-70 people. During summers, you can also enjoy lunch on a large sunny terrace overlooking Lake Längelmävesi..