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For Groups

For centuries, the ridge and lake landscape of Kangasala has attracted groups interested in exploring its unique ridge nature, intriguing cultural sites, and rich history. The charming combination of history, nature, and culture makes planning a day in this city easy. Kangasala is located just 15 minutes away from Tampere, easily accessible with good transportation connections..

Henkilöitä puutarhassa

Unique Experiences!

Kangasala has always attracted travelers, cultural personalities, and royalty. You can easily immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Kangasala in just one day, as many destinations are within walking distance.

On a nature hike, you can explore the unique natural sites of Kangasala. How about Nature Relaxation, Forest Mindfulness Walk, Pilates and Hiking, or a Canoeing and Culture excursion?

With guides, the stories come to life!

In Kangasala, there is a group of authorized tourist guides from the Finnish Guide Association, whose tours are guaranteed not to be boring. Interesting destinations, personalities, and nature become familiar both on the bus and on foot. And how about a tour led by Finland’s only queen, Kaarina Maununtytär?

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Opas pukeutuneena Kaarina Maununtyttäreksi

Example of a group tour in Kangasala!

Harjumaisema Kangasalla ylhäältä kuvattuna
  • 9:30–10:30: Arboretum Frick
    • Explore the stunning private arboretum created by Erkki Frick over 30 years, covering 3.2 hectares of beautiful gardens.
  • 10:45–12:00: Kangasala-talo and Kimmo Pyykkö Art Museum
    • Visit the acclaimed Kangasala-talo cultural center and the Kimmo Pyykkö Art Museum. Explore the exhibitions and the unique architecture of Kangasala-talo.
  • 12:00–13:00: Lunch at Cultural Restaurant Jalmari in Kangasala-talo
    • Enjoy lunch at the Cultural Restaurant Jalmari located in Kangasala-talo.
  • 13:00–15:00: ‘Mä oksalla ylimmällä’ – Kangasala’s Ridges, Lakes, and Observation Towers Tour
    • Take a scenic tour to admire the beautiful nature and breathtaking landscapes of Kangasala, including visits to observation towers for bird’s-eye views.
  • 15:00: Coffee and Visit to Vehoniemi Car Museum
    • Have afternoon coffee, and savor the famous Vehoniemi doughnuts, surrounded by the national landscape at Vehoniemi Ridge.
  • Before Leaving: Shopping at Tam-Silk Factory Outlet
    • Wrap up your day with some shopping at the Tam-Silk factory outlet.

This curated itinerary ensures you experience the best of Kangasala’s nature, culture, and culinary delights. Enjoy your day!”



p. +358 41 314 7221,