Kangasala is a growing and developing nature-oriented cultural city. It is located in Pirkanmaa region, just a 15-minute drive from Tampere. Kangasala has been inhabited for over 8,500 years. The ancient Sarsa in Kangasala’s Huutijärvi is one of Finland’s most significant prehistoric settlements. The history of Kangasala includes manors and royalty. Throughout time, the city has been known for its stunning landscapes.

Kangasala has a long tradition as a tourism and cultural city. The region has inspired the provincial song of Pirkanmaa, ‘Kesäpäivä Kangasalla’ (‘Summer Day in Kangasala’), and it was home to Finland’s first organ factory until the 1990s. Events are a vital part of the urban culture.

Among Kangasala’s royal inhabitants were Kaarina Maununtytär and Kaarina Hannuntytär already in 16th century. Additionally, numerous artists and celebrities have vacationed and worked there. Providing accommodation to visitors since 1910, Kangasalan Lepokoti has been a historical lodging place. Today, Kangasala is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Finland while retaining its unique small-town atmosphere.

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