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Saunas in Kangasala

In Kangasala’s sauna options, you can find sauna facilities suitable for your needs. Would you like to relax with your…

In Kangasala’s sauna options, you can find sauna facilities suitable for your needs. Would you like to relax with your own family in a beach sauna or have a laid-back celebration with a group of friends? You can also organize your workplace meetings and team-building days in many locations. In addition to rental options, public sessions are available for the ice hole sauna as well. Kangasala is only 15-20 minutes from Tampere, and some of the saunas you can reach by public transportation.

Saunas in Kangasala

Vesaniemi Sauna

Vesaniemi Sauna is located on the Vesaniemi beach, on the shores of Lake Vesijärvi. The sauna is available for private use throughout the year. The rental is managed by the City of Kangasala. There are two saunas available for rent, along with a separate fireplace room and a small kitchen. The destination also features a public session for the lakeside sauna.


Located on the shores of Lake Vesijärvi, Rantawirkkula offers sauna facilities as well as rental spaces for meetings and celebrations.

Have your company’s meeting day or family celebrations at Rantawirkkula.

Haavisto’s Monttusauna

In the beautiful rural landscape of Saarikylät, you’ll find Haavisto’s unique private sauna: Monttusauna. There, you can enjoy soft and gentle steam, and for cooling off, you can take a dip in Lake Roine.

Lepokoti Sauna

In the historical artist environment of Lepokoti, right in the center of Kangasala, you can rent a sauna for your private use. The sauna building includes a sauna, a fireplace room, and a kitchen.


The former malt sauna offers steam for up to 10 people at a time. In the Lappish-style hut, there are dining tables for 30 people. The atmospheric space is suitable for various events.

Kuhmalahti Beach Sauna and Beach

You can rent the beach sauna for your use. In the building, there is, in addition to the sauna and dressing room, a small kitchen and a spacious living room. Additionally, there is a grill hut and huts for accommodation on the premises. The area also features a peaceful beach and a beach volleyball court.

Lakeside Sauna Nilski

Enjoy the legendary good steam away from the city dust, by the shores of Lake Vesijärvi. A genuine log lakeside sauna for socializing or celebrations in the evening.


In the area, you can rent a sauna and vacation cottages. Honkaniemi’s large lodge with its extensive yard and beach area is suitable for events for about 40-50 people.

Saunas at Kuohu Swimming Hall

Kuohu is a popular spa-like swimming hall known for its diverse exercise and well-being services. Two children’s pools and a 40-meter water slide ensure a pleasant day for the whole family.

Kataja Private Sauna, Malm Arena

Kataja’s private sauna offers relaxing juniper-scented steam, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Cooling off in the cold water pool between saunas helps promote circulation. The sauna facilities can accommodate about 10 people at a time.

Lahdenkulma Beach Sauna

After the relaxing steam of Lahdenkulma Beach Sauna, it’s great to take a dip in the waves of Ponsaanselkä. The cozy and spacious cottage is suitable for both celebrations and sauna evenings with your own group. Available for rent throughout the year.

Ilkonmäki Beach Sauna

The Ilkonmäki area residents’ association sauna is available for rent from May to the end of October. With its private beach, you can take a dip in the water directly from the sauna’s benches.


Koivusaari is the base of the Kesäpäivä Yachting Club located on Lake Längelmävesi in Kangasala (Pelisalmi). In addition to the members of the Kesäpäivä Yachting Club, all sailing crews from other places are also welcome.

Uotila Villas and Log Cabins

Uotila Villas and Log Cabins

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