Cabin accommodation in Kangasala

Looking for cottage accommodation by the lake? Or a unique, charming place to stay in the heart of beautiful Finnish countryside? Kangasala offers plenty of options even for larger groups. Kangasala is only about a 15-20 minute drive from Tampere.

Kuohenmaa Cottages

Kuohenmaa Cottages comprises five cottages with amazing activities in Kangasala. Kokonkallio has 2 bedrooms with sleeping space for 2+2+4, Emerin tupa has a sleeping alcove and loft for 4+2, Kelotikka offers sleeping space for 8+2 in a living room, bedroom, loft, and sauna cottage. Perkiön traditional grandma’s cottage and Kanervasaari cottage are available for yearly rent.   


Lomaroine offers accommodation by Lake Roine throughout the year. There are five cottages for rent – three six-person cottages and two eight-person cottages. Additionally, a nearly 100-year-old smoke sauna is available for rent, and in summer, there’s a separate lakeside sauna with accommodation for three people in the fireplace room. It’s possible to rent a hot tub for the cottages.

Villa Valpuri, Peltola Farm

Villa Valpuri is a charming cottage in the yard of Peltola Farm in Raikku village. The cottage comfortably accommodates two people in a private bedroom, three people in the upstairs loft, and if necessary, two people on the sofa bed in the living room. It’s suitable for sauna evenings, meetings, gatherings, and even longer stays. Raikku village is known for its distinctive Raikku Rokkaa and Rakastaa country rock festival, which takes place every August during the sunflower season.. 

Uotila Villa´s and Cottages 

Sturdy log five-star representative villas offer excellent settings for holidays, overnight stays, and sauna evenings. There are also cozy smaller family cottages available. Villa capacities include 4 bedrooms with 9+1 beds, 4 bedrooms with 6 beds, and 2 bedrooms + loft with ten beds. The cottages accommodate six people

Villa Pinea  

Villa Pinea is a luxurious passive villa by Lake Vehkajärvi. It provides an excellent setting for relaxation and various nature activities during the stay. The villa spans two floors with three bedrooms and a spacious split-level loft, offering sleeping space for 8+4. Additionally, the villa has a sauna section, utility and hobby rooms, and WC facilities on both floors. There’s also a summer kitchen with a grill on the terrace. 

Villa Vuorikotka  

The cottage is located in a rural village on the shore of Lake Roine. The cottage comprises three bedrooms and sleeping space for 6+2.

Villa Elamo  

Villa Elamo is an ecologically operated 140 m² log villa powered solely by solar energy, completed in 2020 in the heart of Laipa’s wilderness, by Lake Elamonjärvi. The villa has three bedrooms and sleeping space for 6+2. There’s a barrel sauna by the lake and a separate sleeping cabin in the courtyard, offering an additional 4 beds during the summer. In the courtyard, there are also two different-sized lean-tos, one with a large grill and the other with a fireplace in the middle.  

Majaalahden mummonmökki  

Majaalahti’s grandma’s cottage is situated in the yard of a Finnish-Scottish family’s house, covering an area of 46.0 m². The boat dock is located 300 meters away from the cottage. It features a private grill area with terrace furniture on a hill. Sleeping space is available for 2+1 persons.

Heinäkallio Camp Center  

Our campsite is located in a peaceful rural environment surrounded by fields and lakes. It’s easy to reach us from different directions – the distance from the Tampere-Lahti highway is only a few kilometers. Heinäkallio’s Christian campsite hosts various camp and course activities. Guests have access to rooms of various sizes and standards, totaling 21 rooms with approximately 65 beds. Parking spaces are available for caravans and cars. Individual persons and groups can also inquire about accommodation.

Kangasala City’s camp centers

Kangasala City’s camp centers can be rented for accommodation for large groups. The Vahderpää leisure center by Lake Längelmävesi has accommodation for approximately 24 people. At Vallitu camp center by Lake Vesijärvi, there are 6 cottages accommodating approximately 38 people, and there’s also an opportunity for camping in the area.

Kuhmalahti Beach Sauna and Cottage Accommodation  

Kuhmalahti Beach Sauna and Cottage Accommodation is located in Kuhmalahti, about 30 km from the center of Kangasala and approximately 50 km from the center of Tampere. The sauna is equipped with a grill hut and cottages for accommodation. Accommodation available for 12 people. The cottages are not in use from December 1st to March 31st.  

More options via Airbnb

Several Airbnb hosts operate in the Kangasala area, offering cottages and other accommodation options.

More accommodation options nearby

Sappee Resort  

In Sappee and its immediate surroundings, there is a wide range of accommodation options available. You can choose accommodation right in the center of everything or opt for a secluded place, on top of the mountain or at its foothills. There are both luxurious cabins and more modest lodging options. Sappee Chalets offer studios with 2+1 sleeping places and two-bedroom apartments with 3+2 sleeping places. Rental cottages are available starting from accommodations for four people and going up to meet the needs of groups as large as 16 people.

The tourist center, well-known for skiing, provides a wide range of activities even during the summer season.